Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Play Ball!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing #20 for the Jr Olathe Cardinals, Kian Payne!

Great weekend at the ballpark for these kids and they all played so good and had a ton of fun. Let the "games" begin.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Urban Gardening

Yesterday we went and picked out some flowers for the yard and flower pots to get ready for spring. Ki ran across this strawberry plant and instantly went nuts over it. He asked if he could buy a small pot to plant it in, but like normal I seem to take it to the next level. I didn't take it too overboard though, just a little bigger than a small flower pot. I basically used cedar fence pickets and built a basic box and lined the bottom and edges with plastic. I thought it would be fun to make this little project truly his so I put his name and the year it was established on the box as well. He helped with the whole thing and already ate one strawberry from the plant (he made sure he found a plant with an already ripe strawberry on it)

This will be his little project so we'll get to see if he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor.....get it, fruits of his labor, because strawberries are......nevermind. I'll keep you up to date.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Make Some Memories

This morning I woke up quite a bit earlier to get a head start on the morning commute and hopefully an earlier start to a half day of work. It was the normal routine, shower, shave, coffee, etc. But this morning had a different, familiar feel to it. As I backed out of the garage a sense of calmness and deep satisfaction overwhelmed me. It wasn't until I was on the highway that I figured out what kind of memories I had of mornings like this.

Just before the sun was rising I was passed by a car that had a family of four in it. In the back seat were two kids rummaging through a fast food bag probably digging through and handing out the breakfast they got for the ride. This really brought back some great memories of family vacations. Waking before dawn, before the sun even thought about waking up, helping my Dad meticulously pack the car, the birds chirping so loud it was almost piercing at times, the morning dew all over the car and that cool morning air. It was an awkward feeling, a feeling of almost sickness because you were up so early but you were so fired up about the vacation that you couldn't stand it. I remember my parents rounding up us kids and taking one last walk through the house making sure everything was turned off and put away and locked and safeguarded. I remember being old enough to ride co captain on that first leg of the early morning trip pretending to know where we were, probably talking my Dads ear off, wondering why some houses never mowed their yard, and anxiously awaiting that first stop of the morning.....MCDONALDS!!!

We would always stop at a McDonalds about 2 -3 hours into the trip for breakfast. This is were we would get out and stretch and start waking up to take on the day. This is where me and my sisters would get in to our first round of trouble because we would get all giddy and slap happy and annoy Mom and Dad. This is where we would say stupid words that would stick with us for years. This is where memories were made.

As I watched this family pass me this morning I hoped that that little bag of breakfast would bring as much joy and happiness and memories as it brought us.

Happy Easter everybody, make some memories.

Photo by Leo Patrone
Kinfolk Magazine

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handmade Inspiration

I happened to see this in another post this morning and really liked the vibe and the way he showed pure enjoyment of his handmade craft. Towards the end he talks about being hit in the recession and how it turned out to be a blessing and being able to do what he loves day in and day out. Check out Chris Hughes and his quality products here and check out the video too. If I'm ever in Omaha I'm definitely going to check this guy out.

Artifact bags are handmade in my Omaha, Nebraska workshop using a combination of hand tools and vintage industrial equipment. I use the finest American sourced waxed canvas and leather and offer a lifetime guarantee for all my products.

My friends at Turnpost just made this video with the help of the talented Django G-S (Love Drunk Studio). Special thanks to local folk legend Simon Joyner for allowing me to use his song “I Will Find You” from his album The Lousy Dance.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The New Face Of An Old Brand

Remember when you where a kid and you went into little country stores or farm and home stores with your Dad? Remember seeing all the farmers, laborers, and plain old hard workers sitting around a table sipping coffee talking about the current events? Remember what all of them were wearing? I can guarantee it was 99% Carhartt. Well worn, each stain probably told a story, some jackets, some full coveralls. Well I remember it like it was yesterday and while the quality and durability has not changed, the times and era have.

Enter Carhartt WIP (work in progress) The designs and fit are a little more modern fitting, the stores more modern but with a reclaimed heritage feel, and the clientele....well lets just say we don't sit around and sip coffee and talk about current events anymore. All in all we are still hard workers, just in different ways. The new era of Carhartt wearer still cares about the durability but puts a little more emphasis on the way it looks. I'm sure the old timers may laugh and scoff at the way Carhartt is worn today, but they can rest assured that it is still the same old brand just evolving with modern times.

Check out this awesome video at a new Carhartt WIP store to see what I'm rambling about.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Never Forget Your First

Ki has had a wiggly tooth for the last few weeks or so and he has been so anxious about it, asking lots of questions about how it will come out, will it hurt, bleed, etc. Well last night my Mom came into town and we went to Olive Garden for dinner, which was lovely (any old school fans out there?). After a round of bread sticks and toasted ravioli, the little chocolate Andes mints were delivered. Ki immediately tore into one and during his first bite, out came his first tooth. You would have thought he took his first steps all over again. We became the giddy, overly eccentric parents taking pictures and causing an over the top obnoxiously happy scene. He did good though and after the initial shock wore off, he got a little nervous about the tiny bit of blood and tried real hard to regain his composure. I got up and took him to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out and word had already started to spread around the restaurant. Every waiter/waitress, greeter, patron that we passed asked "Did you lose your first tooth?" and rewarded him with more chocolate mints. It was a really funny ordeal and really made me proud of him for how he handled it and graciously reaped all the chocolate rewards.

Now he has a quirky little lisp and he sucks in his bottom lip through the opening. I left this morning before I heard the final figure on what the tooth fairy left for him,but I'm sure he made out pretty good.

There's a tooth in his hand, it's just small, if you look closely you probably still can't see it. You get the idea.

Before bed, excited for the tooth fairy, you would've thought Santa was on his way.